Issue 9 Vol 6

Issue 9 Vol 6 Oct 2014 copy

Autumn is my favourite season of the year. This is the time when farmers’ markets are abundant with a great variety of produce that are rich in flavours and colours. I also enjoy a bike trip to the countryside to observe the divine process of nature preparing itself for the colder days to come. This is also a season where museums will be putting on new schedules of public programs and exhibitions. In this issue, we gave some thoughts to how we may make our museum visits more meaningful with some practical tips to slowing down in museums. While I was at the museum last weekend, I also discovered a handful of historical royal figures who might well be scary characters we could dress up as for the Halloween, With the festivities just around the corner, that means I will be preparing lighter meals before I hit the big feasts with friends and love ones. On Living and Dining, we have a simple recipe of the mushroom tartine that you may prepare even in the confines of a office pantry. Likewise with the farmers, 72 Smalldive has just presented the fruits of its labour, the 3rd collective of evening clutches 9 O’Clock Tales to trade buyers. This season private customers may also pre-order the collection. Also recently launched, the label has recently launched its online gift portal Gift and Things; a new project that aspires to bring to our customers a selection of lifestyle products that complement the slow living philosophy. Last but not least, ViTRINE Style picks a selection of warmer outfits in varying shades of grey to help stave off our habit of draping in dark sombre overcoats. Stay warm!


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