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72Smalldive Gift and Things

Gift and Things is a online retail project concept that was conceived many months ago whilst I was reflecting on the gifts that I have bought for my loved ones and friends. Choosing meaningful gifts has always been a complex process, it takes time to know the recipient’s taste and ‘lifestyle rhythms’, then it takes even more time to look for stores with the ‘right’ selection of gifts. Dismally, high streets populated with chain stores have made the art of gifting even more so challenging…stripping away the magical appeal of gift shopping.

72 Smalldive’s aspiration for Gift and Things is that it serves as an online shopping portal in which one may discover new products, from small producers, and that these products complement the ‘slow’ lifestyle of the discerning needs of our customers.

Sourcing and selecting the products for this portal is laborious and yet fun. We had the opportunity to collaborate with Lab123, an independent ceramic atelier based in Rome, to produce a small collective of crystalline glazed terracotta and terraglia clay drink ware. Materia Prima, a Milanese metal smith, was also sought to produce a colourful line of enameled gold plated brass bracelets with Braille-coded words such as Hope, Love, Hug, and Kiss. Also included in this gift portal are 72 Smalldive’s small collective of lifestyle accessories such as fabric tote bags, cardholders, and notebook sleeves. 72 Smalldive hopes to have more independent producers showcase their products on Gift and Things over time, so stay tuned as we continue to work on this gift portal!


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