Men’s Bracelets

72 Smalldive ViTRINE Leather BraceletsImages Source: Men’s Bracelets Trend: 2013/2014 by Ben Jones

An accessory often seen on fashion images take at Pitti Menswear is the bracelet. The bracelet is fast becoming a popular accessory in men’s fashion. Before images of dapper men in suits and bracelets at the Pitti Menswear show went viral, bracelets were often frowned upon as a feminine or vanity object. What was a typical wardrobe habit amongst Italians has now become a de-riguer for the jet setting dappers across the world.

72 Smalldive ViTRINE Leather Bracelets 03

One should not take too much effort when styling with bracelets. A common approach is to treat each of your bracelet purchase as a personal collection, this approach will slowly help you evolve ‘that’ look you try to achieve for your ‘candied’ wrist.

72 Smalldive ViTRINE Leather Bracelets 02

Another common question for many is – what type of material of my bracelet should I go for? Metal? Leather? Beads? or…Actually there is a multitude of choices of bracelets available…We certainly suggest experimenting with different materials for textures. Your daily outift also determines which style and material you should go for.

Double-Loop-Leather-Bracele 02

A colored leather bracelet with a metal buckle is a good balance for male fashionistas who would like a more elegant accessory for their wrist. 72 Smalldive double loop bracelets are designed for the minimalist who would like to little accessory of two to liven up their sleek silhouette. These bracelets are available at our the label’s online shop



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