Issue 07 Volume 6

Issue 7 Vol 6 Jun 2014 copy


As this issue is published online, many of us might have already left for our summer vacation. Wherever you are, we wish you a safe and pleasant journey. For those who have decided to ‘stay home’ to avoid this peak holiday season, inviting friends who are also in town, to your home for a casual meal may be a great way to spend the long summer days. ViTRINE’s Dining and Living has a couple of healthy light rice salad dishes that you may consider serving. If the idea of spending time with friends puts a smile on your face, it should not be a surprise. Gracious Living explains the inverse relationship between extrinsic pleasure and happiness and how loving people rather than things could be a sure proof approach to beat sadness. Whilst on the subject of friends, VITRINE Trend reveals little known facts about emoji, to get you up to speed on the trendiest way to chat in 2014. For travelers to East Asia, if you happen to be in Beijing and would like to view contemporary artwork of Chinese artists, head down to UCCA, where ViTRINE had the opportunity to view a major mid-career survey of mercurial Chinese artist Xu Zhen last April. Shoppaholics in the US, we have good news for you! In August, you may purchase 72 Smalldive products at Amazon US, all delivered to your doorstep! Enjoy your summer!


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