Issue 03 Vol 6


Between March and April 2014, there were several back to back events at 72 Smalldive that led to our absence at ViTRINE. We are back this month, continuing with our feel good theme with Frank Sinatra’s ever popular karaoke hit My Way as our inspiration. Hence we had our writer Isabel find out how style icon Iris Apfel leads the league of taste makers in liberating our thoughts on what is truly fashion and style. ViTRINE also met three young and strong women Luisa G Costa, Natacha de Smet  and Fonteini Pago who overcome industry obstacles to launch their own shoe brands via a social platform. In this issue, we are also pleased to share with you a selection of sensitive and beautiful photos of instagramer __ii__. During the hectic months of March and April, we frequently grab a quick espresso and brioche at Pasta Madre in the mornings. Already a favourite restaurant of ours, this locale has convinced us to visit for breakfast as well! Whilst we are still on the topic of nourishment, we’ve got a vegetarian wonton recipe that we are sure that will win even the hearts of meat eaters.


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