Winter Comfort: Mushrooming Ideas

In last month’s journal, we shared with our readers on how mushroom could be a key ingredient in making delicious and satisfying comfort food during the winter season. We would like to share a few more dishes before the wild mushroom season goes away.

72 Smalldive Dining and Wine Mushrooming Ideas Risotto

Mushroom and rice is like mac and cheese. I like the combination because with mushrooms, there is really no need for vegetable broth when preparing the risotto. Sauteed mushrooms with a blend of butter and olive oil will give the dish a very decisive and delicious taste. Adding water to cook the risotto is just as good as using broth!

72 Smalldive Dining and Wine Mushrooming Ideas Vege Fry

A quick stir fry of a variety of wild mushrooms and broccoli is also a perfect one dish meal for those who wants a light dinner. I like mine with a dash of sesame oil and oyster sauce, but olive oil and Maldon salt flakes will also make the dish just as appetizing.

72 Smalldive Dining and Wine Mushrooming Ideas Testaroli The third dish is a new dish we have tried whilst we were at Florence during the Pitti Uomo show. Testaroli is a pancake-like staple which has to be parboiled and added to a savoury sauce. These crepe-like ingredient goes well with a mushroom and leek sauce.As these pancake squares are rather firm and spongey, they absorb the flavourful sauce rather well.


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