Still hot on the trend is accessorizing / accenting with animal prints. Do not let Tammy Baker frighten you from hopping onto this trend wagon. Gone are the days when your love for animal prints is expressed through a loud and garish display of leopard fur (faux of real? does it really matter?)

Nowadays, there is a wider range of subtlety in which one may accent with animal prints. Animalier may be expressed through nail art, interior decor, make-up, or just a simple as 72 Smalldive’s chain baguette Whisper.

Here is a pin board on how one may incorporate animal print in one’s daily fashionable life. Roar!

72 Smalldive Whisper clutches may be purchased via 72 Smalldive Online Shop
To know more about the whisper collection, please visit 72 Smalldive Catalogue


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