A Fairly Indulgent Retrospective: Bag to Differ



“…I find handbag size is interesting in another way. Recently I have realised that powerful women carry… small bags …” Vanessa Friedman, Financial Times journalist.

There is a rationale behind Ms. Friedman’s observation. With a busy lifestyle, as a
‘powerful’ woman would imagine to lead, impedance to accomplishing tasks is least
tolerated. The motivation behind design is to create solutions; in fact designs that are
efficient and/or empowering are often designs that endure over time. Without saying, the
lady handbag should not serve to impede.

Bag to Differ is another collection created within the Materialimmateriali project, an
initiative to reflect on the various contexts influencing our views on the materiality of
materials and how these views impact the design of a product. Asymmetrical, decisively
concise, and handcrafted, Bag to Differ is a compact handbag –wallet. The interior of this
bag contains slots and compartments for bank notes and cards, thereby ‘de‐necessitating’
the need for a wallet and a bag for occasions where additional weight over one’s shoulder
is non‐grata. Bag to Differ, which sounds like the expression ‘beg to differ’,is chosen as a
call to celebrate the assertiveness of the women in all walks of life.

Bag to Differ was also featured in DesignandDesign 2008, as one of the ‘award winner’ as
Product of the Day. DesignandDesign is a design catalogue published annually by Agence
Marc Praquin.


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