50: 72 Smalldive’s 1st Mens Collection

72Smalldive+Premium Handmade+Mens+Woolfelt+Leather+Haversack

In May 2012, 72 Smalldive presented its first mens bags collection, 50. The name of the collection is a subtle tongue-in-cheek response to Paul Simon’s pop-hit that despite the 50 ways to leave a lover, there is only 1 way to make an entrance or exit elegantly. Design wise, subtlety permeates through the collection, occasionally broken down by the team’s love for asymmetry in aesthetics. Whilst the exterior are kept minimal and simple, the bags interior are created with various compartments to serve the demanding and at times complicated needs of our male urban warriors. Wool felt (sourced from Piacenza wool mills) and calfskin are chosen to emphasize the feel factor of the collection; both materials are known for their suppleness and yet resistance to the climate.

The mens collection will be available in various European stores and Asian in Spring/Summer 2013

For enquires, please write to press@72smalldive.com and sales@72smalldive.com


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