Rome: Pizza & Gelati

When its down to taking it slow, nobody does it better than the Romanos. So when you are in Rome, do what the Romans do, take it slow with pizza-a-taglio or a gelato and reminisce of the good old days whilst taking a stroll down the well-trodden Appian way…here are some of our favourites snack stops in Caput Mundi

Fried Cod at Concept Pizza

Concept Pizza, Via G.Branca 88 This teeny shop offers heavenly morsels of Rome’s most adored food—pizza a taglio. Wholesome Italian ingredients such as ricotta, guanciale, and merluzzo are combined with delicate condiments such as port or sherry to make each pizza slice a sheer delight. One must enter into the pizzeria with caution—as it is very easy to leave the shop with an expanded waistline.

Il Gelato, Via dell’Aeronautica 105 There’s more to Rome than the Coliseum, Fontana Trevi, or Café Greco. EUR, a suburb, was intended for an Universal Exhibition celebrating Fascist Italy – planned in the 1930s and scheduled for 1942 but abandoned upon the outset of war. EUR is the perfect getaway from Rome touristy historic centre.  Take a stroll admiring some of the most striking modernist architecture and stop by at Il Gelato to savour its wide variety of flavours: 72 Smalldive recommends Celery, Sesame, and Pine Nuts gusto for the  curious and gorgonzola flavour for the wild at heart.


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