Resolution 2010: Take it Slow

Ethel is resolute on taking it slow for 2010

Chances are, at some time in your life, you’ve made a New Year’s Resolution – and then broken it. This year, to stop the cycle of resolving to make change, but then not following through, we have listed a few simple lifestyle changes that require minimal effort and thoughts.

2010 marks the decade of the millennium and with the economic gloom still hovering over our lives, there is no better time than now to savor the pleasure of taking it slow, harking back to simple pleasures of life and putting others before ourselves. In this page, Ethel highlights some easy distractions to steer us away from the universe of “ME, MYSELF, and I” to take time to smell roses. We were concerned if Ethel might have been a tad bit unrealistic with the suggestions, but she pointed out aptly over one of her recommendations: “Nowadays, almost everyone has a smart phone…it should be easier now then before to drop a note to your friend and ask how he/she is getting on”. Well we cannot disagree with her…can you?

Ethel’s Resolution 2010

01 Reading a Classic
02 Planting from Seeds
03 Sending Hello Notes
04 Simplify Scents
05 Handcrafting
06 Cooking for Friends


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