Various Cities: Soul sushi, Rebel Cookies, Retail Therapy

72Smalldive+ViTRINE+AddressBook+Berlin+Die+Rebellio+Des+ZimsternSushi made with tender loving care, a cafe spot to let your whole body imbibes delight, and uber-cool independent stores… we went around the world find out how you may spend your stimulus package in style and with minimal guilt (because we assure you it is all well worth it)…

01 Die Rebellion Des Zimtsterns, Berlin: Run by two sisters, this casual cafe, which offers an array of organic products and home baked pastries, is a perfect spot to let your whole body imbibes delight through every spore on a weekday morning! (Yes take a day off from work!) Once you are filled with happiness, we recommend that you try their homemade rhubarb pie or the cinnamon star-shaped cookies with a cup of frothy cappucino.

02 ICHIKAWA Haruo, Milan Ichi San moved to Milan to work as a sushi chef in Milan’s leading sushi restaurants in the noughties. Not truly satisfied with how some restaurants (fail to) relate to the art of sushi preparation, Ichi San decided to run his own sushi catering service to ensure each morsel is prepared with slow and delicate intent. Impress your guests in the privacy and comfort of your home with exquisite morsels prepared by Ichi San himself. Via Vigevano 11, Milan.

03 Gold Mode Zur Zeit, Cologne The shop’s name itself, inspired by Spandau Ballet’s famous track Gold, is already cut about the rest. The stocked labels murmur “Uber hipness”. It is hard to dislike owner Silke’s selection; some may be quirky but they are always wearable but flashy they are definitely not. This is the ultimate chic mecca for someone who wants something special sans the hubristic moneyed bling.

04 The Blackmarket, Singapore Launched a year ago and already singled out by The Monocle, this store caters to a more ‘sober crowd of young Singaporeans’ who want that something special. Selected items of 72 Smalldive may be found at the Blackmarket too.

05 Quintessential, Singapore Located in the heart of the city, Quintessential stocks a blast of vivid accessories that any woman would die for. The store is one of the very few retailers in Singapore who stock a wide mixture of independent but commercially appealing labels—a courageous feat to be reckoned and respected in the Asian market, where only monogrammed bags begets a bat of an eyelid.


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