Milan: Yuri Park

Knit artisan Yuri Park left her job as a knitwear designer in Japan for Milan to learn from Lina  Costoncelli the fine art of knit milling. Impressed by her enthusiasm, Madam Costoncelli re-opened her dormant  atelier and  both women collaborated  for some years. In 2005, Mdm Costoncelli passed away and left Yuri her workshop to continue this traditional art of knit milling. Yuri Park now produces a divine collection that is stocked by leading Japanese retail stores such as United Arrows.

Lidia Uomo

Yuri Park_Lidia Uomo

Fine craftsmanship and quality apart, Yuri imparts a soulful element to her creations. Yuri’s cashmere apparel is the ‘chicken soup’ for our souls that are weary of ostentatious trendy knits, often seen, on runways and  in larger than life fashion magazine spreads. In her own words, Yuri hopes that her creation will not end up as a means to only satisfy the wearer’s vanity…but to enable wearer  to identify with a facet of Yuri’s aspired spiritual well being.

Our favourite items are Capo Completo, a range of seamless reversible cardigans made with 100% cashmere, the Basque Beret in wool, and Lidia Uomo (pea-coat style sweater in 100% cashmere) . The atelier also  takes made-to-order requests from customers.


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