05 Living Life Compassionately (Reflections of a Salesman)

Yesterday I received an SMS text – that a man by the name of AL is interested to ‘buy’ our jewellery. In that brief text – I only saw his contact number, his interest in Jet Set Rock, and that he is from Paris. During the telephone conversation I realized that he is looking for a gift for his wife. At first I was a bit disappointed as I was hoping that it would be a sales lead for a shop. But as I listened to him talked about the pendant shapes, what he is hoping to find, his budget, etc…I realised “My God! – it is such customers that made my ‘job’ at 72 Smalldive delightful”. And at the very moment when I realized that our product can be sincerely used as an earnest expression of “care”  for someone, I became less reluctant about having to attend to this 1-time purchase…


Serpentine - Item Requested by Client

In another “encounter”, 2 months ago, a Dutch lady BK bought a pair of cufflinks and a flower brooch for her friends’ in New York. When she purchased the items, she specifically requested that we send her the product copy to be included in her gift card. A few weeks after her purchase, she wrote back to thank and tell us that her friends were very touched by the gifts and the copywriting! We were also touched by her gesture.

Such stories truly suprise me – I have always looked at the world with a very cynical squint and in a CNN interview of Annie Lennox, she said – despite the world being a very dark place…there is often a spectrum of light.I think Alex & Barbara showed me the ‘lighter’ spectrum of this ugly world of consumerism. They proved a point that money doesn’t always buy everything.


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