Milan: Caffè Shakerato


A caffé shakerato is a lovely refreshment and a great-pick- me-up in the hot months of an Italian summer. Although it is a ’standard’ drink in many Milanese bars, only a handful of institutions could coax the freshly brewed coffee into a perfect frothy bittersweet concoction…(yes we succumbed to our obsession with that perfect handshaken quasi-bubbly froth!!)

01 Marchesi Coffee aside, it is also the gentlemanly ways of our baristas that woo us, pseudo aristrocrats, back for more…day after day

02 Cucchi Tucked away in a sunny (and leafy) corner of Via des Amicis, one may be forgiven for wasting one’s lifetime away on shakeratos and Cucchi’s rich cream-filled bignè .

03 Coffee Design We admit it is a relatively young coffee bar to qualify as an institution, however we just could not stay impartial towards Coffee Design’s ample space and eclectic selection of designer chairs.


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