Address Book

Window display of Menu 12

Window display of Menu 12

Retail therapy dispensed at independent boutiques is simply divine and here are some 72 Smalldive’s therapeutic hideouts:

01 Marena, Hanoi Marena’s products stand out from the mass produced lacquer ware that one is usually confronted with whilst in Hanoi. Their informative and attentive staff further sweetens your indulgence!

02 Fumagalli, Milan This is the haberdashery royale of Italy’s fashion capital; even the simplest of items (such as the silk ribbons) are stocked in a vast array of dimensions! Their inventory of organza flower petals (in quasi pantone hues) affirms their institutional status.

03 Astier Villate, Paris With their visually striking display of white glazed terra cotta tableware, one needn’t any further proddding to venture into this store. We however feel that the store’s assistants could be a tab bit engaging…

04 Strangelets, Singapore At Strangelets one may find an ecelctic array of homeware from Astier de Villate to quirky crafted luxuries from InsectLab. Strangelets offer an inspiring repsite from the overcrowded malls (with mundane offerings) in this island city


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